Jan has over 20 years’ experience as a Software Engineering executive. In 2015, she published two books: “It Starts with an Idea” – How a little software company competed against the big software gorillas by turning an idea into practical software, and “The Fable of the Farmer and the Fish” – a children’s book about the California water wars and the need to be good stewards of our environment.

As Azerity Co-Founder/CTO, she was instrumental in the design and development of the Azerity CRM/Revenue Management product as well as designing SD Tracker, a software development process tracking tool, for the Azerity team’s use. (Note: Azerity was initially named “Intelic” and the software product was called “ProChannel.” The company changed both their company and product name to “Azerity” in 2001.) Azerity was sold to Model N in 2006. Jan continued to support Model N as a consultant performing key roles in Product Development, Product Management, and Professional Services. Jan retired from software in 2014. The Azerity product, now called Model N High Tech (HT), continues to be the market leader among global semiconductor companies.

She co-founded Software 2020 in 2012 and built the next generation tool, Software 2020 – a unified Requirements Manager, Agile Story Manager, Bug Tracker, and Call Tracking tool.

Prior to founding Azerity in 1998, she was Vice President of Engineering at Digital Market, an eMarket dot.com for electronic parts.

She previously held senior software management positions at ASK/MANMAN, Ingres, and Ford Aerospace/Loral. At Ford Aerospace, Jan was awarded the prestigious San Jose Mercury TWIN (Tribute to Women in Industry) Award and served in the honorary position of Loral Software Engineering Steering Committee (SESC) Chairperson.

She and her husband live in Discovery Bay, CA.


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