It Starts with an Idea

How a little software company competed against the big software gorillas by turning an idea into practical software.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Intelic was a software start-up in the late 1990s. The company was led by three co-founders: Stephen, a man with marketing flair and a true entrepreneurial spirit; John, a salesman and a visionary; and Jan, a skilled software engineer and manager. The little software “chimp” took on the big “gorillas” in the software industry.

Jan’s book is a fun romp through the adventure of a start-up in Silicon Valley. Jan interlaces the story of Intelic with stories from her prior jobs, valuable lessons learned. The book reveals how Intelic created a dedicated and enthusiastic team – a team that worked hard and had fun – and a great product.

Everyone will enjoy reading about Intelic’s laughter and challenges, ups and downs. In addition, the book gives software engineers, managers, and CEOs insight into how to build “Practical Software” – software that is high performance, scalable, reliable, and robust – software that is on-schedule and low cost – using a software development methodology that is more agile than “Agile.” That’s practical software!

Comments and reviews are requested! Buy it on Amazon – Click Here.

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