Juno Wolfe (Series)

The Secret Lives of Jessie Monroe – the Juno Wolfe Series

  1. Alias Juno Wolfe
    As they head towards the United States on Roberto’s luxury yacht, Celeste, the fragile blond beauty and traveling companion of South American drug lord Robert Moreno, is torn between the part of her that loves Roberto and the part whose duty requires her to betray him. The ending for Celeste is a new beginning for Jessie.

    After the young twins, Jessie and James, witness the violent death of their parents, they withdraw into their own world. As they grow up, they find their intelligence, honed martial arts skills, and desire for isolation lead them to becoming spies. After Jessie becomes paralyzed, she struggles to make her life whole again.

    Juno Wolfe, software security guru specializing in drone management and tracking software, uncovers a plot to cause mass destruction that she and her young programmer friend, Truman, must unravel before the countdown ends.

  2. Who Is Juno Wolfe? – Coming soon . . .
    While working at the CIA as a data analyst, Jessie Monroe uncovers disturbing evidence that a foreign power is planning an attack on U.S. networks. As Jessie tries to raise the alarm, she comes to the realization that over the years, the Agency has lost many of its great leaders and is now being led by men who are spineless and weak. She encounters ineptitude, prejudice, and worse: An America where people hide from the truth to feel safe.

    As Jessie, an ex-spy, tries to make sense of what is happening to America, she must go undercover again as Juno Wolfe to discover the truth. It is now up to Juno Wolfe and her small loyal team to bring sanity back to the world.